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Hi, I'm heather 30 year old wife, with three fur babies – and welcome to my blog.
I’ve been drawing since my young years (8 years and counting!), this blog will be where i will share with you all my favourite pieces of work , from my college work, graphic Design & Illustration. and my life journey 
 illustrations is one of my favourite things to do and I love the fun it brings with it. i would say i was a hard working when it comes to designing and drawing as it says above i have been drawing since i was little but in 2008 i just really started getting into drawing and scanning it into my computer to add it to Photoshop to add colour and finishing touches to make more work pop!   
Aside from art, I spend my days in college doing a art and design course   – which I also love – and any free time is usually spent on my many hobbies, which include blogging , drawing , photography. cooking, reading and watching endless amounts of things on netflix  

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